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What do i do?

I am Micha de Vries, a professional web developer. I am interested in tech, music and photography. Since I am still in highschool, at this point building websites and other related projects is a hobby, but as soon as I finish school I'm planning to find work in the programming industry.

I generally build a lot of websites, but I also work on other types of projects and experiment a lot with technologies such as virtualization and all the neat possibilities that can be found in Javascript.

Besides computers, I often immerse myself in the world of music. I mainly use FL Studio, but also simply a piano and my voice.
Finally, I always like to capture photographs when I spot a nice picture. I do that, for example, when I walk through the forest or on the beach.


NodeJS HTML / CSS / JS Computers Networks Virtualization Photographity Music

Have you got a question in general or do you want to collaborate with me?
Then be sure to contact me via contact@michadevries.nl

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